Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Free Parenting Tips E-zine

“Sign up here for your FREE subscription to Parenting Tips E-zine (a $47 value!)! As my way of saying thanks for signing up, you can instantly download the free lesson listed here:
  • Learn this ultra-simple but critical “trick” to getting your kids to listen to you. If you don’t do this you’re missing out on an easy way to improve your success rate when dealing with your kids.
  • Discover another common language mistake that you’re probably making now. I’ll show you what the mistake is and how to fix it. This mistake is actually increasing the chance that your child does the opposite of what you want!
  • Find out what technique most parents use far too often, making it almost completely useless. When you fix this mistake you’re going to get much better results!
As a member, you’ll also many more tips in the regular E-zine. This is where I share valuable parenting strategies and I’ll often answer questions asked by other members. You never pay a penny for this E-zine content!

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